We are sorry to inform you that The Lindy Camp 2019 is cancelled. This was not an easy decision to make but due to family related reasons we can´t go thru with the event. Please contact if you have any further questions.



Marie & the Lindy Camp crew


Lindy Hop Weekend Pass
Lindy Hop Workshops & All Evening Dances (1400SEK)
After March 15 (1600SEK)


Vernacular Jazz Weekend Pass
Vernacular Jazz Workshops & All Evening Dances  (1400SEK)
After March 15 (1600SEK)

All In - Lindy Hop & Jazz Weekend Pass
Lindy Hop & Jazz Workshops & All Evening Dances (2000SEK)
After March 15 (2400SEK)


Party Pass
Social Dance Only (400.00SEK)
All Evening Dances, no classes included.

Evening ticket @ the door as long as there is room:

Friday - 150 sek (DJ:s)

Saturday - 250 sek (Live Band and DJ:s)

Sunday - 100 sek (DJ:s)


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