The Lindy Hop track will have 7 hours of classes spread over two days. The classes starts on Saturday.

Teachers Lindy Hop:
Frida Segerdahl (SWE) & Skye Humphries (USA)
Joanna & Henric Stillman (SWE)

The Vernacular Jazz tracks will have 7 hours of classes spread over three days. The classes starts on Friday evening.

Teachers Vernacular Jazz:
Fatima Teffahi (SWE)
Frida Segerdahl (SWE)
Skye Humphries (USA)

The All In - Lindy Hop & Vernacular Jazz tracks - will have 7 hours of Lindy Hop classes and 5,45 hours of jazz spread over three days. The classes starts with jazz on Friday evening.

Before you sign up, please consider your level carefully. It’s more rewarding for both yourself and for your classmates, if you sign up to the correct level from the beginning. See level descriptions below.

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You know your basics well, you social dance regularly and are ready to explore more classic patterns as well as more complex variations. You are starting to be aware of the musicality in the dance and you want to improve your leader/follower skills.


You dance lindy hop often, in classes as well as on the social dance floor and you have participated in dance workshops before. You are working on your dancing in relation to the music as well as to your partner. Your skills as a leader/follower have reached a level where you feel secure on the dance floor no matter what tempo it is.


You dance lindy hop regulary both in classes and on the social dance floor and have participated in several international events. You are working on your own style and movement as a dancer and also on improving your musicality by playing with music structure, accents and lyrics and you are probably one of the better lindy hop dancers in your scene. 


Beginner/Intermediate (this is a mixed level and not a beginner class)

You have taken some Vernacular Jazz classes before but want to have more practice when it comes to new steps and rhythm combinations as well as more familiar patterns. These classes will focus on expanding your dance repertoire and build your musicality, and technique when it come to solo movement.


In this level we expect you to have taken several Vernacular Jazz classes and workshops before, you are already experienced, used to solo movements and want to challenge yourself even more. Learning steps in a sequence is not a problem and you like to be challenged. You are familiar with dance routines like Tranky Doo and Big Apple. A very intense and exciting level if you are ready for it!


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